Research and development

We are involved in research work on welding technologies, welding processes and welding equipment. We have carried out a number of research projects funded by the industry or co-financed by ministries, development centres and agencies. We have carried out research and development projects independently, as lead partners or as partners with well-known Slovenian companies and renowned foreign companies.
With the experience we have accumulated since 2002, we have solved many problems. Our metallurgical laboratory is of great help in our research and development, as measurements can be carried out quickly and professionally.

We welcome the challenges that our customers bring.

Some areas of research and development:

  • extending the lifetime of die-casting tools,
  • the development of welding of tool cooling channels,
  • laser welding an aluminium profile with an aluminium casting (watertight),
  • laser welding exotic materials (gadolinium, nitinol, etc.),
  • welding complex materials (high hardness, high content of certain elements, etc.),
  • laser welding thin nets (filters),
  • the automation of laser welding of titanium products,
  • the manual and robotic laser welding of sheet metal products,
  • the development of a cell for the batch laser cleaning of powder-coated products (certain areas must not be painted and
  • must be well cleaned),
  • the laser polishing of welds,
  • the development of a portable laser welding device,
  • the development and thinning of laser welding wires,
  • laser surface finishing,
  • the laser welding of thin sheet metal,
  • the laser welding of helium-tight welds,
  • etc.