Arc welding

Plazemsko navarjanje

We have specialised welders for all types of arc and flame welding, as well as for arc and flame brazing. We mainly weld highly demanding products made of high-quality materials such as: austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, maraging steels, refractory steels, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, grey cast iron and other materials. We use arc welding to repair major damage to machine components, weld various structures and produce a variety of welded products according to customer requirements. We specialise in high quality, unique production.

Most often we weld: die casting tools, plastic and rubber injection moulding tools, forming tools, stamping tools, various knives,… For these tools, we analyse the damage, the causes of the damage and the possibilities for repair.
We also carry out welding in the field at the customer’s request.

We would like to point out the following as well:

  • welding church bells,
  • welding and additive manufacturing for various engine parts (welding oil receptacles, welding main and camshafts, motor heads, etc.),
  • welding radiators and cooling pipes (car air-conditioning, engine cooling systems, etc.),
  • welding grey cast iron, malleable cast-iron parts (foundry machinery, construction machinery parts, etc.),
  • welding various cylinders in manufacturing processes,
  • wear-resistant layer additive manufacturing,
  • additive manufacturing for corrosion resistant layers,
  • welding various materials,
  • welding parts of aircraft jet engines,
  • the welding and winding of turbine and pump blades,
  • welding and additive manufacturing for various shafts and gears,
  • welding pharmaceutical products (various stainless products, filters, etc.),
  • welding aviation products (titanium, aluminium),
  • welding broken chainsaws and outboard motors,
  • soldering various parts.