About us

The company was founded in 2002 as a support centre, mainly for the tool industry but also for others in the field of the welding repair of damaged machine elements.

Our main activities are: arc welding, laser welding, plasma welding, metallurgical investigations in the laboratory, heat treatments, the production of laser welding wires, research and development and education.

We have an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In cooperation with our partners, you can also order various non-destructive tests, chemical analyses of materials, corrosion tests, etc.

The metallurgical lab features the following tests:

  • The macroscopic examination of welds
  • Chapry impact tests
  • Flexural test
  • Break-off test
  • Vickers hardness tests
  • Transverse tensile tests
  • penetrant tests
  • microscopy (particle size, micro cracking, ferrite share, etc.)
  • micro-hardness

We offer all types of arc welding and flame welding with quality machines and quality welders. We specialise in welding tool steels, but, of course, we also weld other difficult things. We weld church bells, non-ferrous metals, grey cast iron, modular cast iron and titanium. In late 2003, arc welding was complemented by laser welding. The quality of laser welding and other processes has also been improved with the help of our own metallurgical laboratory.

Laser welding offers a number of advantages over other welding processes. The quality of laser welding has been a guiding principle for laser purchases. We now offer laser welding using ten machines. All the laser beam sources are of German or Swiss origin from a leading manufacturer of welding lasers. The high price is justified by the range of laser beam settings that allow the welding of the most demanding materials. Also, the German manufacturer’s control equipment offers flexibility, superior precision and the possibility of automation. At the same time, we are not limited by the weight and size of the welded piece.

We have equipped our metallurgical laboratory with equipment from world-renowned manufacturers and today offer a range of services in the field of fracture and non-fracture testing. Our laboratory services allow us to control the quality of laser guards. The need for the laser welding of a wide variety of materials could not be met by the wires available on the market. That’s why we started to produce our own laser welding wires.
We produce laser welding wires in varying diameters from 0.2mm to 1mm. We offer a wide range of different materials, from tool and stainless steels to aluminium, bronze… Welding wires are available in coils or flat rods.
Izobraževanje in svetovanje s področja varjenja izvajamo v naši predavalnici, lahko pa tudi pri naročniku. Nudimo neformalno izobraževanje za vse varilne postopke in za vse stopnje znanja.

We carry out research in various areas. In the field of the TIG welding of tool steels, research is being carried out to extend the lifetime of the tools and also to improve the properties of the welded parts compared to the base material. More research is being carried out in the field of laser welding, which offers many improvements. Research is also ongoing in the field of welding wires, as we want to offer the widest possible range of filler materials.

The company is located in Ljubljana, and we have a branch in Maribor, where we offer laser welding and other arc welding and heat treatment processes.